Stoney B Blues

Opening for John Primer 3/9/24

 When you grow up in a family where your father is known as Lil’ Howlin’ Wolf, the chances are pretty good that you may end up as a bluesman. If you come of age on the Southside of Chicago and your band is forced to practice in the basement laundry room of the projects, you may end up as a bluesman. But, when childhood memories include your dad taking you by the hand into some of the Windy City's most legendary bars and clubs and you witness B.B. King live for the very first time; damn you have to be a bluesman! 

That’s exactly what happened to Michael Stone; you and I know him better as Stoney B. The twist and turns of his musical road, including four years in Army fatigues, have taken him from the streets and bars of Chicago through a maze of clubs and juke


joints across the American South. Over a decade of that period he honed his performance and entertainment skills on the streets and in the clubs around the Big Easy. Those years of dedication would pay off with an invitation to the big stage; the New Orleans Jazz Festival. It would take Hurricane Katrina to force him to leave the Crescent City but after a short stop in Texas, Stoney B would eventually find his way to the West Coast and San Diego. 

Stoney’s passion is reflected in every song he sings and his soul is laid bare with every guitar note he plays. Yes, the music he loves can be categorized as blues, but the music he plays is so much more. He takes a little Delta juke joint, Chicago back alley and Texas roadhouse and then combines it with a touch of silky, smooth R&B to create his own, Stoney B Blues.